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Creative Growth Art Center Benefit

Saturday, May 29, 2010

7:00-10:00 pm




On May 29th we held the Creative Growth Art Center Benefit and so far we have raised a little over $1600. Many of the items not sold at the event will be posted for sale in a “Creative Growth” section of my etsy site. http://www.velvetotterhound.etsy.com/ Look for them the next week. If you were unable to attend, but still want to help, you can donate directly to Creative Growth Art Center- http://creativegrowth.org/about-support/

I said ‘we’ because it truly was a collaborative effort. This event took a couple months of planning, over 50 artists participating, many hands of help to set up and tear down, and generous donations from attendees and businesses.

I would like to take a moment to send out some special thank yous…

* Creative Growth Art Center- for being there every day and doing what you do!

* Sebastian- for letting me commandeer your shrink wrap machine for a couple nights!

* Lee- for picking up some luscious fruit for the event!

* Carrie, Carrie & Calvena (yes, that’s 2 Carries)- for helping secure some of the raffle prizes!

* Westin St. Francis SF, Andiron Inn & Cabins, Bead Inspirations, Salsa with Juan, Olivier Bonin ‘Dust & Illusions’, and Jayson Wechter ‘Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt’- for donating the generous raffle prizes!

* John- for brining the dog heads to the event!

* Ross Madden and Alise Halbert- for performing an ultra-fabulous dance to ‘Dancing Cheek to Cheek’ and leading a large group in Salsa lessons!

* Ritual Coffee- for donating that decedent roast we drank!

* Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden- for donating the yummy fruit punch!

* Rebecca and Donna- for helping man the event tables!

* Kevin- for letting me peruse your music collection, borrow your ipod, carting stuff to and from the event in your truck, and generally putting up with me talking about little else for a couple months. =)

* Rhythmix Cultural Works- for helping me produce this event!

*The Pie Extremist Group- for coming and brining yummy treats!

*Everyone who spread the word about the event!

* Everyone who helped set up and clean up!

* All the artists for donating their wares!

* All the attendees for helping create an enjoyable night AND bringing some super yummy food!

This event meant a lot to me. I was listening to someone on the radio once talk about what we can give to society. They mentioned how very few people actually get remembered in the scope of things and that the best thing we can do is to perpetuate the nature of a good society.

Every thing we do, everyday, acts on the people we encounter. Every person you smile to, help, talk with, etc will hold that in their memory and maybe how you treated them will filter into the way they treat others.

I thank you all for helping bring a vision to fruition! I thank you all for being my friends!



About Creative Growth Art Center


Creative Growth Art Center serves adult artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities, providing a stimulating environment for artistic instruction, gallery promotion and personal expression. Artwork fostered in this unique environment is included in prominent collections and museums worldwide.

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If you have any questions about this event, please contact me at taraforbenefit@yahoo.com



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2011 Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt http://www.SFTreasureHunts.com/
Alexander Blanck http://www.tendrilsintea.com/ (coming soon)
Andiron Seaside Inn and Cabins- Near Mendocino http://www.theandiron.com/
Bead Inspirations - Alameda http://www.beadinspirations.com/
Brooke Shaden http://www.shadenproductions.com/
Carrie Galbraith
Carrie Rehak http://www.epiphania.net/
Cheryl Bales http://www.Dragontearsgems1960.etsy.com/
Christi Johnson
Creative Growth Art Center http://www.creativegrowth.org/
Dean Gustafson http://www.deangustafson.net/
Donna Klie http://donner-party.blogspot.com/
Eden Plaza Cafe
Gemma http://www.perihaven.com/
Hidden Eloise http://hidenseek.typepad.com/
Holly Werner
Java Jess Publishing- http://www.javajesspublishing.com/shop-on-etsy.html
Jevinstudios- Trey Xander http://www.jevinstudios.com/
Joe Kowalczyk http://www.joko.us/
John Randazzo
Kevin Evans http://www.kevinevans.com/
Lance Alexander
Last Gasp Books - Ron Turner http://www.lastgasp.com/
Louise Jarmilowicz http://www.jarmodesigns.com/
Lucija Kordic http://www.hoolakai.com/
Mama's Magic Studio Jen Johnson http://www.mamasmagicstudio.com/
Marcia Grant http://marshagrant.shutterfly.com/
Mark Growden http://markgrowden.org/
Marshall Photo www.marshallphoto.com
Mekayla Blanck
Merav Tzur
Mercenary Graphics- Erik Chipchase http://www.mercenarygraphics.com/
Nite Owl Studios http://www.niteowlstudios.com/
Olivier Bonin http://dustandillusions.com/
Pat Patterson http://www.thelenswithin.com/
Plastic Kitsch Divine- Jen Rowan http://www.beebalalou.etsy.com/
Plumeria Flours http://www.PlumeriaFlours.com/
Queenie's Intuitive Coaching http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oakland-CA/Erin-Shannon-aka-Queenies-Intuitive-Coaching-and-Healing-BodyEnergywork/108981293399?ref=nf
Rachel Roberts
Rhythmix Cultural Works http://www.rhythmix.org/
Ritual Coffee Roasters http://www.ritualcoffeeroasters.com/
Salsa with Juan http://www.salsawithjuan.com/
Sebastian Hyde http://www.lightningcoyote.com/
Spence Snyder http://www.SpenceSnyder.com/
Susan Eastman http://www.susaneastman.etsy.com/
Susan Hyde http://www.lightningcoyote.com/Pages/SHDesigns/SusanHydeDesigns_01.html
Suzanne Onodera http://www.sonodera.com/
Tara Monster
Three Moons Studio- Sara Mordecai http://www.threemoonsstudio.com/
Vee Horticulture http://www.veehorticulture.com/
Velvet Otterhound- Tara Evans http://www.velvetotterhound.com/
Virtual Genius Design- Dawn Stott http://www.virtualgeniusdesign.etsy.com/
Westin St. Francis- San Francisco http://www.westinstfrancis.com/
Winston Smith http://www.winstonsmith.com/